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A FREE 30-min Discovery Session is a chance for you to speak with a specialist, tell them everything that's been going on with you, and determine for yourself if we're the best people to help you. It's a completely free, no-obligation appointment that will give you all the information you need to make the BEST decision for YOUR health - whether that's working with us or not!  This can be done Virtually or In Our Clinic!

We call it a DISCOVERY SESSION because you get to discover all about Your Body, Your Pain, and Why you can’t seem to do the things you Love anymore.  You will also learn about Physical Therapy, and how we get people back to their favorite activities using Specialized One-on-One Physical Therapy. 

A Discovery Visit is a Very Easy way to reduce your pain and get back to your Desired Life.  How Easy? Well, there’s NO referral needed, NO forms to sign, NO payment agreements and there’s NO obligation.

No Referral Needed??

​YES! It’s true... thanks to the NJ Laws on Direct Access, you DO NOT need a referral from a medical doctor in advance if you want to go and see a Physical Therapist. This means you can just call up and arrange your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION today which will reveal your “diagnosis” – i.e. the, 'what’s going wrong', within the next 48 hours! It’s that easy.

Discovery Session: Our Clinic

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