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Written by knee pain specialist, physical therapist, and movement expert, Dr. Joseph Damiani.  An IMPORTANT and very personal message has been sent to you (from Joe) at the email address you have just given us. It will arrive in 10 minutes time. (If it hasn’t arrived, please check your SPAM box so that you don’t miss out on everything it says).

What Other People Who WERE Suffering From Knee Pain Are Saying About Skyline Physical Therapy...


ALANA, Westchester County

My knee injury had gotten so bad that I was barely able to walk. I was very concerned because I am a teacher and I’m always moving around the classroom. I came in for my first visit very discouraged, but Joe really listened and cared about me as a person, not only my knee. Every visit was one on one, this made me feel much better about my decision to do therapy. I only needed 10 visits total before I could work all day pain free again. I recommend Skyline to everyone, all I can say is it was very results driven and effective.

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BRENDAN, Ridgewood

Joe has helped me with many issues before in person and I knew I wanted his help with some pain I was experiencing in my leg, but I wasn’t sure if the online system would work because he couldn’t do anything hands on to help. But after one online session my pain was completely gone and it was just as effective as an in person session. It was super easy to get into the video call and convenient to do the whole session at home!


ARTURO, Redondo Beach

I got my independence back which you can’t put a price on. I was told for years that arthritis in my knee left me with only one option for relief, a Knee Replacement. I was unable to walk for more than 30 minutes without a lot of pain. Being a very active person, this was horrible to deal with. Joe used all these treatments and my knee pain actually subsided! Now I can jog and be active again without pain!

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