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What Other People Who WERE Suffering From Neck & Shoulder Pain Are Saying About Skyline Physical Therapy...



I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Damiani and Skyline Physical Therapy. I had pain in my shoulder when I moved my arm into certain positions. I didn't want it to lead to something worse, so I went to see Dr. Damiani. He did some soft tissue work, some mobilizations and he gave me some corrective exercises. In just a couple of sessions my pain went away. He's very knowledgeable, has a great attitude and I love that fact that you're working one on one with him in a very comfortable office.


Franklin Lakes

I went to Dr. Joe for my physical therapy treatment for my neck pain. After seeing 2 different doctors and a chiropractor, Joe was finally able to figure out the root cause of my problem. Not only did Joe help eliminate my pain, but he helped prevent it from coming back. I have recommend Joe to multiple family and friends that have seen great results as well. I would recommend anyone that has pain to see him. I will definitely be entrusting in Skyline Physical Therapy if I have another injury.



"I started with the free discovery session. It went really well, Joe showed me the root cause of my pain and how it could be fixed. Not only did Joe fix my neck, but I learned how to prevent future exacerbations, possibly the most important part of my whole experience there. Being able to make it through an entire day pain-free is priceless to me and I was able to accomplish that with Joe. The value related to the cost is unreal, don’t hesitate to go see Joe. I completely feel like myself again"

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