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Are you looking for back pain relief in Ramsey, NJ?

We provide one on one back pain physical therapy at our back pain treatment center.

Are you experiencing lower back stiffness, aches, or sciatica?   Are you looking for back pain relief in RAMSEY, NJ?  Then you need specialist back pain physical therapy!


At Skyline Physical Therapy, your back pain specialist physical therapist provides one-on-one back pain treatment and sciatica treatment at every appointment.  All the laser-focused attention provides our back pain physical therapy patients with back pain relief and sciatica relief quickly.  During back pain treatments, we also spend considerable time educating patients on how to stay back pain-free for life.  It’s no wonder why 75% of patients come to us after having failed back pain treatment elsewhere!  

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Questions From Back Pain Physical Therapy Patients In Ramsey, NJ:

  • “Why is my low back pain getting worse when it's already been over 6 months?

  • “What is the best back pain treatment if I throw out my back in Ramsey, NJ?" 

  • “How can a back pain specialist give me permanent lower back pain relief?”

  • “Should I use a posture back brace for sciatica relief?”

  • “Which low back stretches and low back exercises should I do at home?

  • “Which chronic back pain tips should I use for lower back pain relief?”

  • “How can back pain physical therapy in Glen Rock, NJ get me natural pain relief?”

By maintaining proper posture and spinal alignment you can prevent a herniated disc, bulging disc, strained muscle, stiff joints, back pain, sciatica or nerve damage. The difficult part is identifying exactly what is the root cause of your poor spinal posture or malalignments.  In order to experience low back pain relief or sciatica relief, you must identify the root cause through back pain physical therapy.  

A common cause of lower back pain and sciatica is a herniated disc or bulging disc.  In order to experience low back pain relief or sciatica relief, specific back pain treatment and sciatica treatment can realign the spine and take the pressure off the sciatic nerve.  If the problem is ignored, sciatica nerve pain, numbness or tingling that moves down the leg can develop into weakness, chronic back pain or sciatic nerve damage.

Does This Sound Like You? - You are not sure if your lower back pain and aches were caused by an old injury,  lifting the wrong way, sleeping in an awkward position, or a lifetime of poor standing or sitting posture?  All you know is you need back pain relief or sciatica relief in Ramsey, NJ now!

Natural Back Pain Relief With Back Pain Physical Therapy In Ramsey, NJ

Many people try the same lower back pain treatments and sciatica treatments that have failed so many.  This includes spine injections, pills, and painkillers which do nothing but mask the problem and have dangerous side effects.  Or patients in Ramsey, NJ are told by the doctor to ‘rest’ and use a lower back brace for low back pain relief, which research tells us is utterly WRONG!  Unfortunately, the riskiest option is undergoing unnecessary and dangerous surgeries only to have pain return! 


At no fault to the patients themselves, most just don’t realize that seeing a back pain specialist or sciatica specialist who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy Certified in the McKenzie Method is the safest most effective back pain treatment and sciatica treatment available.  Completing McKenzie corrective low back exercises and low back stretches is the ultimate path to taking your life back!  Back pain physical therapy is a drug-free treatment approach providing natural pain relief, can you say Win-Win?!

Get Back Pain Treatment For Following Spine Conditions in Ramsey, NJ:
  • Disc Bulges (or bulging disc ) 

  • Spinal arthritis

  • Spondylolisthesis 

  • Spinal stenosis 

  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (or SI joint pain ) 

  • Kyphosis ( rounded back )

  • Disc Herniations (or herniated disc )

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Stress fracture

  • Sciatica Leg Pain (or sciatic nerve pain )

  • Scoliosis ( curvature of the spine )

  • Postural Syndrome

Back Pain Relief Ramsey, NJ - Skyline Physical Therapy

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How Will a Back Pain Doctor of Physical Therapy Get Me Back Pain Relief?

  1. Identify The Root Cause Of Your Back Pain or Sciatica

    • At our back pain physical therapy clinic, we use one on one 60-90 minute sessions, this gives the physical therapist sufficient time to identify the root cause of your lower back pain or sciatica pain through ongoing extensive spine examinations. 

  2. Reduce and Eliminate Back Pain with Physical Therapy

    • The Physical Therapist uses various spine treatment techniques part of your back pain program:​

      • Low back stretches for sore muscles

      • Spinal manipulation lumbar traction

      • Lower back exercises and stretches for core strength

      • Manual hands-on techniques

      • Low back massage

      • Sciatica exercises and sciatica stretches

      • Spinal adjustments

      • Low back stretches and exercises for sore joints

      • Low back taping methods

      • Lumbar myofascial release low back exercises

      • Body mechanics training

    • Ongoing reassessment and progressions to your back pain program

    • Daily implemented back pain tips and sciatica tips from your Doctor of Physical Therapy

  3. Get you back to doing the things you love back pain free!

    • Your Physical Therapist will use personalized back pain program goal-setting

    • Golfing, tennis, cycling, hiking, basketball, baseball, walking, yard work, weightlifting, jogging, sleeping, enjoying vacation again or simply playing with the grandkids

    • Learn countless back pain tips and back pain strategies to help you live the life you want!

Want back pain relief or sciatica relief in Ramsey, NJ now?  

FREE 30-min Discovery Session

This consultation is a chance for you to speak with one of our back pain specialists or a sciatica specialist and tell us all about your back pain or sciatica.  This free, no-obligation appointment will give you all the information you need to make the BEST decisions for YOUR Back Pain or Sciatica.



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