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DONNA, Morris County

Joe is amazing! He is professional, knowledgeable and always adjusting therapy to improve the outcome. He goes the extra mile and is very innovative. He has improved my TMJ symptoms immensely and continues to strive to get me back to optimal health. Before PT I had horrible TMJ pain which continues to improve with each session. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SKYLINE PHYSICAL THERAPY!


BRENDAN, Ridgewood

Joe has helped me with many issues before in person and I knew I wanted his help with some pain I was experiencing in my leg, but I wasn’t sure if the online system would work because he couldn’t do anything hands on to help. But after one online session my pain was completely gone and it was just as effective as an in person session. It was super easy to get into the video call and convenient to do the whole session at home!

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CHARLIE, Wyckoff

I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Damiani and Skyline Physical Therapy. I had pain in my shoulder when I moved my arm into certain positions. I didn't want it to lead to something worse, so I went to see Dr. Damiani. He did some soft tissue work, some mobilizations and he gave me some corrective exercises. In just a couple of sessions my pain went away. He's very knowledgeable, has a great attitude and I love that fact that you're working one on one with him in a very comfortable office.

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