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Are you looking for TMJ pain relief in Saddle River, NJ?

We provide one on one TMJ specialist physical therapy at our TMJ treatment center.

Are you experiencing TMJ pain, jaw popping, clicking jaw or TMJ headaches?  Are you looking for an effective TMJ treatment and TMJ pain relief in Saddle River, NJ?  We offer 1 on 1 TMJ physical therapy with our TMJ Specialist.


Our TMJ doctor of physical therapy utilizes thorough examinations and TMJ specialist treatments to eliminate pain quickly.  Our goal is to provide you with permanent TMJ relief, TMJ headache relief, jaw pain relief, and TMJ neck pain relief so you can do the things you love worry-free.  During TMJ treatments, we also spend considerable time educating our patients on how to stay TMJ dysfunction ( Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction ) FREE even after their time spent with us.  It’s no wonder why 75% of patients come to us after having failed TMJ jaw pain and headache treatment elsewhere.

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Questions From TMJ Physical Therapy Patients In Saddle River, NJ:

  • “Why is my TMJ joint pain getting worse when it's already been over 6 months?

  • “Should I use a TMJ mouth guard or night guard for jaw pain, jaw popping, or clicking jaw?” 

  • "​If I see a TMJ doctor of physical therapy, can I avoid TMJ surgery?

  • “What is the best TMJ treatment in Saddle River, NJ to get quick TMJ relief?"

  • “Which TMJ exercises should I do at home for jaw muscle pain?

  • “Can a TMJ specialist near me tell me if my neck pain is really TMJ neck pain?"

Disc displacement is a common cause of TMJ pain.  This is especially true if your jaw keeps popping or you experience clicking jaw.  This can cause headaches, tmj neck pain, tmj tinnitus, burning eyes, difficulty chewing and pain chewing food.  By seeing a TMJ physical therapist to identify the root cause of the issue, the TMJ doctor of physical therapy can provide proper TMJ treatment and TMJ exercises to avoid TMJ surgery.

If you open your mouth and your jaw shifts more to one side than the other, then you have unilateral TMJ tightness somewhere. The jaw muscles, the masster and temporalis, can pull the jaw to one side causing a shift.  This can also be caused by neck tightness, TMJ restrictions or disc translation. A TMJ specialist Doctor of Physical Therapy would be the best person to evaluate and identify the root cause of the problem.

Does This Sound Like You? - You are experiencing one or more of the following... TMJ Pain, Jaw Popping, Clicking Jaw, Jaw Pain and Headaches, Burning eyes, TMJ Tinnitus, TMJ Neck Pain, TMJ Arthritis, Difficulty Chewing, Pain behind the ear, or a TMJ Headache or migraine.  


Maybe you have tried TMJ exercises and TMJ stretches but they didn't work... You may have already had a TMJ surgery which did not work, OR maybe you refuse to try a TMJ surgery.  All you know is you need answers and TMJ relief ASAP.  

If so, we invite you to speak with our TMJ Doctor of Physical Therapy to start getting some answers.  At our TMJ Specialist clinic in Wyckoff, NJ we help patients every day just like you!

Fix The Root Cause And It Won't Come Back Again...Using TMJ Physical Therapy 

Many people try the same TMJ treatment and headache treatments that have fail so many.  This includes internet exercises which are not treating the specific root cause of the problem, instead the general symptoms.  Other common treatments are injections, pills, and painkillers which do nothing but mask the problem and have dangerous side effects.  Some patients were given a TMJ night guard or TMJ retainer by their dentist and think it will reverse their TMJ Dysfunction or Temporomandibular Dysfunction or be a TMJ cure which research tells us is utterly WRONG!  Unfortunately, the riskiest option is undergoing an unnecessary and dangerous TMJ surgery... only to have pain return! 


At no fault to the patients themselves, most just don’t realize that seeing a TMJ specialist AKA TMJ Doctor of Physical Therapy is the safest most effective TMJ treatment available for jaw popping, clicking jaw, jaw pain and headaches, TMJ tinnitus, TMJ neck pain, TMJ arthritis, a TMJ headache or migraines.  Seeing a TMJ physical therapist is a drug free treatment approach providing natural pain relief, can you say Win-Win?!

Get TMJ Treatment For The Following Conditions in Saddle River, NJ:
  • TMJ Headache relief

  • Jaw Popping

  • Clicking Jaw

  • TMJ Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

  • Jaw Muscle Pain 

  • Jaw Pain and Headaches

  • TMJ Migraines

  • Headache Behind Eyes

  • TMJ Tinnitis & TMJ Pain in Ear

  • Jaw Locking Up

  • TMJ Neck Pain

  • TMJ Arthritis

  • Jaw Keeps Popping

  • Jaw Pain Headache

  • Burning Eyes

  • Dizziness

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​Learn More On Our TMJ Pain Relief Page!

  • Learn 6 Reasons You May Have TMJ Pain

  • Try 4 Tips For Immediate TMJ Relief

  • Get Your FREE TMJ Pain & Headaches Guide

How Will a TMJ Doctor of Physical Therapy Get Me TMJ Pain Relief?

  1. Identify The Root Cause Of Your TMJ Pain and Headaches

    • At our TMJ pain clinic, we use one on one 45-90 minute sessions, this gives the TMJ specialist sufficient time to identify the root cause of your clicking jaw, difficulty eating, jaw popping, jaw pain headache, facial or neck pain through ongoing extensive TMJ examinations. 

  2. Reduce and Eliminate TMJ Pain with Hands On Treatments

    • The TMJ Physical Therapist uses various TMJ treatment techniques part of your care plan:​

      • Temporomandibular joint mobilizations

      • Postural Training

      • Jaw massage

      • Neck massage

      • Cervical traction

      • TMJ exercises

      • TMJ stretches

      • TMJ night guard recomendations

      • TMJ adjustments

      • Daily ongoing re-assessment of your TMJ Syndrome and modifying the care plan

  3. Get you back to doing the things you love TMJ pain free!

    • Get back to what is important to you, whether that's chewing, eating, sleeping better, focus during the day, enjoy spending time with family, or simply relaxing and watching TV.

    • Learn countless TMJ tips and TMJ strategies to help you live the life you want!

Want TMJ pain relief and TMJ headache relief in Saddle River, NJ now?  


This Free Consultation is a chance for you to speak with one of our TMJ specialists and tell us all about how your TMJ disorder impacts your life .  This free, no-obligation appointment will give you all the information you need to make the BEST decisions for your TMJ and headaches.



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