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Top 5 Causes of Your TMJ Pain.

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

If you're experiencing jaw pain or clicking, difficulty opening wide, pain with chewing and fatigue in the jaw, you can be suffering from TMJ pain. You may also be experiencing neck pain and headaches. The best thing you can do while experiencing these symptoms is to take action quickly. The difficulty is figuring out what exactly is the root cause of your pain? The biggest problem I see is that people never figure out the cause thus never get treated appropriately.

The Top Five Causes featured in this video are:

1.) Temporalis Dysfunction

2.) Masseter Dysfunction

3.) Disc Dysfunction

4.) Capsular Restrictions

5.) Poor Posture  

As you can see there are many potential causes of your pain. If you want to get rid of it once and for all and get back to living life as the best version of yourself...Take action! Get evaluated and treated by a specialist TMJ physical therapist today!

This is Video 1 of 2 in our TMJ Series...

To get the most out of this series be sure to also watch Video 2, "Love These 5 Tops to Relieve TMJ Pain!"

If you are looking for IMMEDIATE RELIEF, make sure to download our free guide, " 7 Simple Ways to Relieve TMJ Pain & Headaches Without Pain Medications, Injections and Surgery."

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