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Standing vs. Sitting (during the workday)

If you have a desk job you have most likely heard that sitting at your desk all day is bad for your back, neck health, and sitting for only about 15 minutes an hour is advised by experts. An important distinction is that it is not recommended to stand all day long, as this has its own set of harmful effects. Instead, use the recommendation of a 1:3 ratio sitting to standing ratio. Furthermore, there is also a recent study having people stand at an ergonomic desk for two hours and 50% of those people reported low back pain which they did not suffer from before.

Ergonomic workspace
Proper Ergonomic Workspace

The key to avoiding back pain is catching it before it is too late. It is best to move often and continue changing positions regularly. Think of it as being dehydrated. If you only drink water after you feel thirsty, then you’ve waited until the harmful effects of dehydration have begun.

Try these exercises while at your workstation every 2-3 hours, they are great preventative measures against both neck and back pain.

  1. Chin Tucks

2. Standing Lumbar Extensions

3. Waiter Tips

Remember, even though the media portrays how bad sitting is, standing could be just as harmful. Just like everything else in life, it all comes down to having a good balance.

In summary:

  1. Sit to Stand at a 1:3 ratio. This means roughly 20 minutes every hour. If that is not doable, We recommend at least standing up for 1-2 minutes every half hour.

  2. If you have a standing desk, do not make it your goal to stand all day, your body still requires sitting rest breaks every hour. (See point # 1 recommendations)

  3. Try the exercises above during the day (10 reps every 2-3 hours)

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