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3 MORE Common Back Pain Myths

Back pain, Low back pain, Sciatica pain
3 MORE Common Back Pain Myths

Confused about all the different things you hear about back pain and sciatica? Let's put a few myths to rest right here, right now! Last month we posted an article called, '3 Common Back Pain Myths', we covered the following 3 myths:

MYTH 1: Acute back pain is short-term pain

MYTH 2: Spinal manipulation is the best and most effective treatment for back pain

MYTH 3: Ultrasound treatment and various electrical therapies are proven to assist recovery from back pain

NOW, let's clear up 3 more myths that you might have heard about back pain or sciatica nerve pain.

MYTH 4: Back pain is caused by inflammation

While inflammation occurs in certain conditions like arthritis and spondylitis, back pain is usually entirely mechanical. This means that the pain could be from a displacement of the intervertebral disc (AKA slipped disc, blueing disc, herniated disc) or some other soft tissue in or along the spine. Once out of place, pain begins which can affect the nerves causing sciatica. This is a reason why cortisone and other types of injections so commonly fail because they treat inflammation (which isn't the issue). In fact, research shows that they actually cause more long term harm than good. Instead, if you want back pain relief and recovery, you need to reduce the mechanical derangement (not to get all technical on you).

MYTH 5: Back pain is caused by arthritis or osteoarthritis

Arthritis or osteoarthritis occurs in everyone with aging. When the spine is x-rayed, you can see these changes but that does not mean it is the cause of the pain. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people come in with severe arthritis and very minimal pain, and then others with severe pain and no arthritis at all! What makes matters worse is that people use x-ray and MRI findings as a way to justify surgery!! Don't fall for the ol, 'you have arthritis and need surgery' scam. At our clinic, we find that regardless of the arthritis findings confirmed with x-ray, it does not impact the patient's recovery. As stated in MYTH 4, back pain is usually entirely mechanical (think positioning).

MYTH 6: Back pain is caused by damp conditions/ weather/ sitting in a drought

The climate and weather are often blamed for back and joint pains, but there is no proven evidence that these factors cause any pain. Many blame sitting in a draught for their back pain, but the posture the individual is sitting in is usually what is to blame. Barometric temperatures and cold temperatures are a cause of joint or back pain.

At Skyline PT located in Wyckoff, NJ we educate and treat our patients to relieve your symptoms. Education is the most vital part of our clinic and we are happy to provide you with the necessary information to manage your back pain.



A frequent question we hear is “I have low back pain, is it safe for me to exercise?”

The myths our patients usually hear are: “You should take it easy and avoid vigorous activity”

After a day or two of your pain it is best to take it easy, but regaining your mobility is most important as the pain permits. Inactivity can actually cause more damage and degeneration. The secret is to catch and begin treating the first sign of trouble before it gets worse.


“You will have to stop jogging, running, playing football, golf, or tennis, etc”

While this is untrue, it is also damaging advice because research shows that inactivity causes accelerated degeneration. Your pain may have been triggered by playing sports, but there are also could be other reasons why you are experiencing pain (that you are unaware of). Now you might have to temporarily stop playing your favorite sport until it stabilizes in a few weeks, but that does not mean you have to stop playing forever!


Thank you for reading and good luck in your back pain journey! Feel free to take a look around our website, there is plenty of information, free guides, and ways to reach out to us.

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If you have further questions regarding this blog post or other tips that can help you to relieve Back Pain, Contact Us at Skyline Physical Therapy located in Wyckoff, NJ.

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