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8 Stretching Benefits to Improve Your Health

Eight stretching benefits that can help improve your health and wellness!

Is stretching incorporated into your daily routine? Not only is it a great way to get the day started but it also has a lot of benefits. If you’re unsure where to begin, our stretching specialist can guide you in the right direction and implement a stretching routine that is best for you!

1. Improved energy

  1. Getting a good stretch first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to boost your energy. Coinciding with proper deep breaths will give you the boost of energy you will need for the day. If you ever catch yourself slowing down or sluggish during your workdays, consider incorporating a stretch break for that quick energy boost.

2. Increased stamina

  1. After an intense workout, a high-quality stretch session can increase the stamina of your muscles. As you stretch, blood flow increases to sore muscles relieving tired muscles.

3. Improved flexibility

  1. A physical therapist’s common goal for all their patients is to improve flexibility and range of motion. Flexibility has several benefits. One being it improves your overall performance while reducing the likelihood of injury. As you become more flexible, your body will begin to exert less energy for everyday tasks.

4. Better blood circulation

  1. One of the biggest goals when it comes to stretching is to get your blood flowing throughout your body. Blood, more consistent, transports oxygen to your cells and improves your general health. This boosts cell growth and aids in your organs functioning properly. Stretching reduces your heart rate, reduces strain on you, and causes your blood pressure to stay at a more consistent level.

5. Improved posture

  1. Stretching every day improves posture by elongating muscles that are prone to tightening up. Allocating time t stretch your lower back, shoulders, and chest will help keep your spine aligned. Stretching can relieve any aches and pains, which can cause you to slouch. Below are examples of how your posture should and shouldn't be.

Good Posture

Bad Posture

6. Improved cholesterol

  1. A good quality stretch can help reduce cholesterol in your body, as well as a well-balanced diet. Stretching can reverse the effects of hardening arteries due to cholesterol.

7. Decreased risk of injury

  1. Even working in an office job, there is still a chance of getting injured. Imagine picking up a 25-pound box of supplies and pulling or straining a muscle, resulting in weeks of pain and attending physical therapy sessions to overcome the pain. By stretching on an everyday basis, the likelihood of injury decreases significantly.

8. Decreases stress

  1. Everyone carries some level of stress on their body. Once an individual begins to bring, making too much pressure, making, your muscles start to contract, making your overall mood.

These eight benefits should emphasize how important it is to incorporate stretching into your daily routine. Even if you stretch for ten minutes every day you will be able to see a difference in your mental and physical health. Don't wait until tomorrow, start today!

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