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7 Ways to Boost Your Energy, According to Science

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

According to (Virgin Pulse Institute), it seems like the tiredness gene runs through every American, considering 76% of people feel tired most of the week, according to (Virgin Pulse Institute). I'm sure that percentage doesn't surprise you, in any case. However, there are ways you can get through that tiredness and start gaining some energy.

Meditate (not the way you think)

While constantly being distracted, we lose energy quickly, and over a while, it feels as if our body is shutting down. However, our phones keep our brains up, and just 10 minutes without our minds wondering will allow your brain to reboot. Try to create an area where you can put your phone on airplane mode, put headphones on (to block out any noise), turn off your computer screen, and stop talking. Our brains are always alert for our next task, and we are always waiting for an interruption. Once we stop waiting for those interruptions, our brain will be in a better, more calm place in a short amount of time... Refreshing us for the rest of the day.

Get in tune with nature.

Whether you like it or not, our bodies love being outdoors. According to a study from the University of Rochester, our bodies gain more energy by being outside. Their research stated that the participants felt 'alive' while outside for 20 minutes around several trees. Want to discover outdoor trails in your area? Check out this website: Are you having difficulty going on hikes due to lower back pains or knee pain? Click here to learn more on how to help relieve back and or knee pain.

Get some snacks

Do you ever sit at your desk and get the sudden urge to eat a snack? Many of us may grab a protein bar... However!! According to an internist at Scripps Coastal Medical Center in San Diego, trying to fuel up with protein bars is a big mistake. "Many bars and prepackaged meals are loaded with highly concentrated simple sugars without quality fats and fiber, so they spike your insulin, drop your blood sugar level, and leave you feeling weak and tired within 30 minutes." That protein bar doesn't sound too appetizing anymore, huh. Not all snack bars are wrong, though, but they must pass our test:

  1. You have to be able to pronounce all the ingredients.

  2. Double-digit grams of sugar is a no-no; grams of sugar must be in the single digits.

  3. Unlike sugar, grams of fiber must be in the double digits.

We recommend the NuGo Fiber dish.

Get in bed by 10:30 p.m.

A panel with over a dozen sleep expert scientists agreed that seven hours is the recommended minimum the average adult needs to perform at their optimal level. However, to help you get your sleep schedule back on track, make the change gradual. According to biobehavioral health professor Orfeu Buxton, he recommends moving up your bedtime each night by ten minutes until you reach the seven-hour mark.

To help keep up with your sleep schedule, check out this sleep tracker app.

Look Away

On average, a person will blink up to 18 times per minute! However, when you are staring at a screen, you will blink half as frequently. Because of this, your eyes will become more dry and strained. According to Smarandache, staring at a screen for long periods will result in eye fatigue which will evolve into headaches, dizziness, and exhaustion.

To avoid these consequences, use the RULE OF 20:

👉🏼 Every 20 minutes, stare in a general direction that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

By enforcing the rule of 20 in your daily life, will allow your eyes to be refreshed and your body. Also, while working on or looking at a screen, make sure it is approximately 20 inches away from your eyes to help prevent eye strains.

Are You Thirsty?

Your daily water intake dramatically affects your energy level as well as your overall mood. According to experts, your body is doing an excellent job at informing us when we need to consume water. The key is to look at your urine. If the color is darker than it is pale... that indicates you need more water. However, certain medications, supplements, and foods can alter the color of your urine.

To help monitor your daily water intake, check out this water bottle.

Drink Coffee at 10:30 a.m. EVERY DAY.

Fun fact: a human's levels of hormone cortisol peak are between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., this means your morning energy is at its peak during this time. Therefore, if you drink coffee between 8-9, it has less of an effect. Research shows that if you wait to drink it until anytime between 9:30-11:30, your cortisol levels will be dropping, so the coffee will offset this and have a greater effect!

👉🏽👉🏽 Been Low On Energy?

You may be interested in a Free 30-Min Discovery Session! During this session, you get a chance to tell us what you've been experiencing and ask us any questions you have. We will give you all the information you need to make the BEST decision for YOUR health. It is a no-obligation, no forms to sign, no credit card required, totally free consultation. The consultation can be for sciatica knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, neck pain. This can be done Virtually or In Our Wyckoff, New Jersey Clinic...

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