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Back Pain Sufferers and Virtual Physical Therapy...the odd couple?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Let's discuss virtual physical therapy, back pain relief and sciatica relief.

Odd couples infatuate us all, two people that we wouldn’t expect to look in each other's love?!  But how? It doesn’t make sense? Maybe it’s our understanding of what a relationship should be that doesn’t make sense. Now let’s apply that same thought process to Back Pain Sufferers and Virtual Back Pain Physical Therapy.  

When many people think about back pain relief, they think hot packs, massage, back cracks, stretches etc.  All of which feel good and are helpful in their own ways. (In fact we use all of them at my Wyckoff, NJ office).  But what if I told you that the absolute most effective way, backed by research to get permanent back pain relief and sciatica relief, is to reposition the spine through very specific spinal movements and exercises. That the massage, stretching, hot packs and so on are only supplementary.  In fact most of my patients are shocked at how quickly pain can reverse once you have begun these types of virtual back pain treatments!

So what is Virtual Physical Therapy?  In a nutshell, it is the patient and the Doctor of Physical Therapy interacting opposite each other on a video call.  Just like in person at our Wyckoff, NJ clinic, the patient tells the physical therapist what they are suffering from and how it has forced them to change their lifestyle.  They then show the physical therapist the painful area and demonstrate which movements bother them.  The physical therapist then continues the evaluation and once they diagnose the problem, they have the patient try a series of spinal movements, exercises or self- back pain treatment.  Once the patient finds back pain relief or sciatica relief, the physical therapist has established their back pain treatment protocol and will give them their home back pain treatment plan… it’s that simple!

So let’s put this all together.  We established that back pain should be treated with specific movements to reposition the spine.  We established that Virtual Back Pain Physical Therapy is an optimal environment for the Doctor of Physical Therapy to diagnose and then prescribe those pain relieving movements.  Hence, the odd couple.  But how? It doesn’t make sense? Back pain needs massage and stretching! Sciatica treatment means adjustments and back cracks…  As I stated earlier, maybe it’s your model of what back pain treatment and sciatica treatment are supposed to be that doesn’t make sense.  In realify, you just need a properly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy to identify the root cause of your spine issue and then guide you through the proper movements (which you can complete all on your own)!

Our patients are loving Virtual Back PainPhysical Therapy so much that some of them have told us that even when the quarantine is over, they will continue to do Virtual Back Pain Physical Therapy.  They tell us they have the same results, and save about an hour of their day by never leaving the house for our Wyckoff, NJ clinic!

Now, I know it’s not easy to believe what I’m saying about how to eliminate back pain and eliminate sciatica pain.  I understand that everywhere you turn, TV, radio, google, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, are hearing something different.  I am well aware that in order for me to truly make you a believer, it will take time.  To get more information, you can start by following Skyline Physical Therapy on Facebook, signing up for our email list (, or call our Wyckoff, NJ clinic (201) 485-6114. 

To LEARN MORE on how to do the things you love without back pain or to Download our FREE Back Pain Relief Guide, Click Here:

To LEARN MORE about how Virtual Back Pain Physical Therapy can help you, or to Download our FREE Virtual Physical Therapy Guide, Click Here:

Do you want pain relief immediately? Then apply for a FREE Virtual Discovery Session from a Physical Therapist and learn the root cause of your back pain or sciatica, and what you can do about it, Click Here:

Dr. Joseph Damiani, PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner of Skyline Physical Therapy, located in Wyckoff, NJ.  He is located right on the border of Franklin Lakes, NJ, Saddle River, NJ, and Midland Park, NJ.  

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