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Covid-19 vaccine shoulder soreness? For quick relief, try these 6 simple exercises!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Shoulder Relief Exercises After COVID-19 Vaccine

👉🏿 Do you feel like someone punched you in the arm every time you try to raise it up?

👉🏼 Or maybe it just feels like there's a bowling ball duct-taped to your hand?

If you can relate, then TRY these 6 very simple shoulder movements. They are a light range of motion exercises that will give you a good stretch, pump out the soreness and loosen up the muscles!

Warning... It may be strenuous (or even uncomfortable) initially, but after a few reps, things should loosen up quickly and give you relief.

The Rules:

  • Complete all 6 movements in the order listed below (as seen in the video below)

  • Complete 10 reps of each movement

  • Complete this circuit 2-3x per day

1. Shoulder Abductions

2. Shoulder Flexions

3. Shoulder Rotations

4. Shoulder Horizontals

5. Shoulder Diagonal 1

6. Shoulder Diagonal 2

Don't forget to watch this video and follow along with me!


To reduce pain and discomfort where you got the shot:

  • Apply a cool, clean, wet washcloth over the shoulder.

  • Continue to use your arm as you normally would.

To reduce discomfort from fever:

  • Drink plenty of fluids.

  • Dress lightly, not too much restrictive upper body clothing.

When to call the doctor?

In most cases, discomfort, fever, or pain is totally normal. Call your doctor or healthcare provider if:

  • The redness or tenderness wherein the area of the shot increases after 24 hours

  • If you are worried about your side effects or they do not seem to be going away after several days

👉🏽If you are experiencing any other shoulder pain unrelated to the COVID vaccine and want relief, I recommend a Free 30-Min Discovery Session (virtual or in-person). Our shoulder specialist will listen to your concerns and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have. You will receive all the information you need from a physical therapist to make the BEST decision for YOUR health.

👉🏽Or, Get our FREE Guide with Tips for Quick Shoulder Pain Relief:

If you have further questions regarding this blog post or other tips that can help you Contact Us at Skyline Physical Therapy located in Wyckoff, NJ. or Call (201) 485-6114

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