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How To Prevent BACK PAIN & SCIATICA While Squatting Down!

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Thank You Charlie Remiggio of CR Fitness located in Wyckoff, NJ , , for teaming up to create this excellent video. In this video we explore how improper bending, lifting, squatting, or deadlifting can cause a lower back pain & sciatica. Next, we show you how to properly go through the movement, if not done properly, you can cause a bulging disc or even worse a herniated disc... I'll give you a hint, proper form has to do with keeping a neutral spine and activated hips! It makes a lot more sense when you see what the spine is actually doing during the movement, which we demonstrate using the spine model in the video.

Now go check out the video!!!

In the event you are already suffering from lower back pain, make sure you download our FREE BACK PAIN GUIDE, '7 Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain & Stiffness Without Pain Medications, Injections and Surgery.'

Back Pain Relief and Sciatica Relief, Wyckoff, New Jersey, Skyline Physical Therapy

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