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This Is Why You Have Neck or Back Pain...

This is Video 3 of 3 in our 'Understanding Neck & Back Pain' Series.

In this video we will look at two very common pain syndromes that occur in the neck and back, Postural Syndrome and Derangement. We will discuss how the two different syndromes are caused and the symptoms of each. We will also discuss what causes the mechanical pain you may be feeling and what you can do about it!

Be sure to watch the other two videos in our series:

Video 1: 'This Is How Your Spine Is Supposed to Work', covered the normal anatomy and functions of the spine.

Video 2: 'This is How Normal Posture Can Eliminate Pain', covers what normal alignment is and how falling falling out of this alignment can cause chronic pain.

If you are experiencing Neck or Back Pain, try one of our FREE Guides for Tips on Quick Pain Relief:

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Back Pain Relief and Sciatica Relief, Wyckoff, New Jersey, Skyline Physical Therapy
Neck Pain Relief and Shoulder Pain Relief, Wyckoff, New Jersey, Skyline Physical Therapy

If you have any questions regarding this blog post, or want some tips to help relieve your Neck or Back Pain, don't hesitate to Contact Us at Skyline Physical Therapy!

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Danny Winters
Danny Winters
Sep 23, 2022

Good post


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