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To Squat or NOT To Squat... with Knee Arthritis

Should You Squat When You Have Knee Arthritis?

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To Squat Or Not To Squat... With Knee Arthritis

The most common question we get from our knee patients in Wyckoff, NJ is whether or not their knee arthritis will be the end of their exercise habits... The good news is NO!! Exercise is extremely effective in providing knee pain relief, stability, and overall function!

Most of the time, the knee pain is caused by restriction and malalignment at the joint. Read this blog post to learn more about 'Understanding Why Knee Pain Occurs'.

Unfortunately, arthritis gets blamed for the pain, leading people to believe it is a death sentence for life as they know it. I am glad to tell you that whether the arthritis is contributing to the problem or NOT (which is way more likely >>read this article to learn more about that CLICK HERE), squatting and other strength-building exercises are NOT bad for you. In fact, if you do not complete exercises, the situation will get worse, inactivity has been shown to contribute to degeneration more than increased activity.

So….. to answer your question, you can squat and you SHOULD for knee pain relief! We need you to activate your quadriceps and encourage more stability to help increase your range of motion. This is how you stay active and continue to do all the joys of life that involve moving those legs.

Therefore, we decided to list out a few tips we have given to our patients in Wyckoff, NJ, and now for our weekly readers!

BUT FIRST! Watch this video:

Skyline PT’s Tips For A Proper Squat:

  1. Standing position should be with your feet about hip-width apart

  2. Start squatting with your bending your hips, knees, and ankles - ALL at the same time

  3. Your butt should be sticking out behind you

  4. Do not face the floor - your chest and head should be facing forward

  5. Do not let your knees move left or right they should be in line with your feet

  6. Squat as low as you can go without pain - as your knee pain starts to decrease and you start building up strength you will be able to start going down lower over time

  7. As you go lower allow your knees to go over your toes slightly

Thank you for reading and squat safely! Feel free to take a look around our website, there is plenty of information, free guides, and ways to reach out to us if you are looking for additional physical therapy advice.

👉🏽👉🏽If you are experiencing any pain due to knee arthritis (or something else) and want answers NOW, I recommend a Free 30-Min Discovery Session (virtual or in-person). Our knee pain specialist will listen to your concerns and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have. You will receive all the information you need from a physical therapist to make the BEST decision for YOUR health.

👍🏽 It is a no-obligation, no forms to sign, no credit card required, totally free consultation. This can be done Virtually or In Our Clinic in, Wyckoff, New Jersey...

If you have further questions regarding this blog post or other tips that can help you Contact Us at Skyline Physical Therapy located in Wyckoff, NJ. or Call (201) 485-6114

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